The OBM Security Blanket

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Sharp Product Line

We are one of the nations largest Sharp authorized product and service provider...

Managed Print Services

Let us manage your printer fleet...

Managed IT Services

Affordable Managed IT Service plans to let us manage your technology and let you manage your operations...

Canon Large Format Systems

Canon offers state-of-the-art large-format printing solutions designed with exceptional speed, flexibility and quality.

VOIP Systems

OBM now offers VOIP technology from Star2Star Communications. Star2Star Communications delivers the World's Most Scalable Cloud Communications Solution.

FP Mailing Systems

OBM now offers products from FP Mailing Solutions. Whether it is a postage meter or a folder-inserter we have a solution for you.

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Our Unique Security Blanket

Total Protection. No Risk

We know the company you buy from is equally, if not more, important than the equipment you select. That is why we are dedicated to providing each of our customers with an exceptional level of service. Finally, total protection for the risk-free acquisition.

If for any reason we do not fulfill our responsibility to you under our Security Blanket guarantee, and the equipment has been continuously covered by your Service and Supply Programs, OBM will buy out your lease.

That’s right, no more payments, no risk; we’ll take back the product.*


* Written notification and 30 days in which to perform our responsibilities under the terms of the Security Blanket are required. Naturally, abuse and misuse of the equipment and uncontrollable “acts of nature” are excluded.

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